Meet Mike Johnson

Hi, I’m Mike Johnson, your representative on the Denver School Board. I’m proud to report that I’ve kept the promises I made when you elected me four years ago:

Our neighborhood schools are the best in the city, our students have access to one of the widest varieties of educational programs anywhere and more and more students are returning to DPS from private schools and the suburbs.

I succeeded in reducing the size of DPS’s central office and shifting resources and decision-making to the teachers and principals who are on the ground working with students every day.

I brought greater transparency to DPS finances by publishing detailed school-by-school budgets so that you can see how your tax dollars are spent in each school.

I’ve attended hundreds of meetings with you and your neighbors to keep you up to date, to listen to your concerns and to answer your questions about our schools.

I’m running for re-election because the job’s not done. I want to finish the work I’ve started and continue to be your voice on the Denver School Board and to make Denver’s public schools the best public schools in the country.

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